About BMA

The Benevolent Missions of Atlanta (BMA) is a 501(c)(3) (nonprofit) organization formed in 2005 by several Atlanta-based Jamaicans with a mission dedicated to effectively harnessing and leveraging the time, talent, and resources of the Jamaica-U.S. Community to assist disadvantaged and at-risk children, who possess great potential, throughout the island of Jamaica and in the metro Atlanta area.

BMA’s goal is to help ensure that these children are prepared for a lifetime of socially responsible citizenship. Our focus is on elementary and middle school-aged children, with the objective of improving literacy and numeracy among such students, thus preparing them for a successful transition to high school. Jamaica’s youth are exposed to very little if any of the technology that drive the world economy and thus are not prepared to meet the challenges of the day.

Benevolent Missions of Atlanta has reached out to bridge that divide. We also work to reach at-risk middle school students in the City of Atlanta through a mentor program which exposes them to a wide range of professions, the arts, math and science. When adequate resources and nurturing are provided to at-risk children, their chance of success and positive contributions to society is greatly increased. Through the hard work, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, and generous financial contributions of our members and donors, we are realizing BMA’s goals.
We invite you to make a difference by becoming a donor and/or volunteering your time to this charity and worthy mission.

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