Students at St. Ann’s Bay Primary School are now equipped to readily access on-line educational materials through the use of several new, high speed, high capacity Pentium-4 computers and accompanying software. In addition, several students have been awarded scholarships towards meeting their financial needs for books and lunch. BMA donated the computers and arranged for them to be shipped from Atlanta to Jamaica.

BMA received funding for this program primarily from Atlanta-based Jamaicans and friends who donated generously to BMA’s fundraising activities. BMA’s short term plan is to expand the program to a total of six primary schools across Jamaica – one in each of the regions of greatest need as defined by the ministry of education. The computer donation program was designed to provide institution-wide assistance for the benefit of multiple students. In particular, the computers will be utilized to improve students’ reading, writing, numeracy and computerliteracy skills.


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The Benevolent Missions of Atlanta (BMA) recently worked with administrators at Padmore Primary School (Red Hill, St Andrew) to complete a Library and Resource room for the school. The organisation has refurbished and upgraded the sick bay, treated and painted all rafters in the school and provided a metal framed stage where Principal Keisha Hayle conducts morning devotion. We are committed to identifying areas of opportunities for our involvement in effectively serving the educational needs of the students.

The school, previously slated for closure due to low student enrollment and under performance, has made a dramatic turnaround; achieving 100 percent pass rates at the grades three and four levels, as well as outstanding performances in the 2015 Grade Six Achievement Test.

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The Benevolent Missions of Atlanta sponsored a summer robotics program middle for schoolers at Kennesaw State University.  The camp was well attended and fully enjoyed by all. The students were instructed in designing, building, programming and testing robots and were awarded certificates upon completion of the camp.

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Benevolent Missions of Atlanta (BMA) hosted Mrs. Juliet Holness (left), MP and wife of Jamaica’s Prime Minister at a special breakfast during her recent trip to Atlanta, at which she underscored the importance of the organization’s mission to assist in the educational advancement of at risk children in Jamaica and Atlanta.

Addressing the breakfast given in her honour during her recent visit to Atlanta, Mrs. Holness said “you have left the shores of Jamaica but you have not forgotten where you are from”.

She further pointed out that she was gratified to note the importance members of the Diaspora placed on education and helping children to become educated because once you are educated the sky is the limit; you can be anything in the world you want to be, so it warms my heart when I see the effort you put in to ensuring that our young Jamaicans get proper education.

In her remarks president of the BMA  Gail Dunwell said “the organization’s mission is dedicated to effectively harnessing and leveraging the time and talent and resources of the Jamaican and U.S. community to assist disadvantaged and at risk children who possess great potential throughout the island of Jamaica and in metro Atlanta.”

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Our team at Benevolent Missions of Atlanta renovated the library at Seaward Primary and Junior High School in Kingston, Jamaica. We were also able to provide scholarships for students at the school.

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